Product Manufacturers

Xylem Bell & Gossett

Residential and Commercial Centrifugal Pumps, Flow Balancing Products, Hydronic Accessories, Air Separators, Expansion Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Wastewater Pumps and Packages, Pressure Booster Packages and Variable Speed Pump Controllers.

Lochinvar Corporation

Residential and Commercial Condensing Stainless Steel Boilers and Water Heaters, Copperfin Boilers and Water Heaters, Heat Pump Water Heaters, Storage Tanks, Hot Water Generator Systems, Buffer Tanks and Gas Fired Pool Heaters.

tekmar Controls

HVAC Control Systems, Radiant and Snowmelt Controls, Boiler Staging Controls, Set‐Point and Reset Controls, tN2 and tN4 House Control Systems, Mixing Valves and Thermostats.

Webstone Valve

Isolator Ball Valves, Pro‐Pal Valves, Hydro‐Core Near Boiler Piping Packages, Isolate E‐X‐P Valves, Pro‐Connect Valves and Check Valves.

Xylem Brands

Xylem Domestic Pump

Steam Condensate Return Units, Boiler Feed Systems, Vacuum Units, Low NPSH Pumps and Specialty Packaged Units.

Xylem Hoffman Specialty

Stock Condensate Return and Boiler Feed Units, Steam Traps, Radiator Valves, Vents and Temperature and Pressure Regulators.

Xylem Laing Thermotech

ECM Pumps for Residential and Commercial Plumbing, Solar, Spa and Industrial Applications.

Xylem McDonnell & Miller

Boiler Safety Controls, Flow Switches and Liquid Level Controls.

Additional Partners


Magnetic Filtration System for Hydronic Systems.


InnoFlue® Polypropylene Vent Systems, BlitzFlex® air-intake systems

Flex-Hose Co., Inc.

Flexible Pump Connectors, Expansion Joints, UL® Listed Flexible Gas/Fuel Connectors and Tri‐Flex Loop™.

Flow Conditioning

Large Double Suction Diffusers and Hydronic Indicators.


Commercial Air-To-Water Heat Pumps.

Holby Valve

Temperature Actuated Mixing Valves.

Wessels Company

Custom and Specialty ASME and non‐ASME Tanks and Pressure Vessels, Flash Tanks, Blowdown Tanks, Surge Tanks, Primary‐ Secondary Headers and Glycol Makeup Packages.

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